International Programs

About Us.

SCHOOLHOUSE is a private language school founded in 1989 specialized in teaching English to children and teens. We have 3 schools located in Vigo on the northwest coast of Spain.

As we are fully aware of the importance of the exposure to the language, we offer our students programs abroad through Schoolhouse International Student Programs. This department offers 3 main destinations for our young students: Ireland, Canada and USA. Our groups are always chaperoned by members of our staff so as to offer our students a safe and profitable experience. We also have a Local Coordinator at each destination who personally selects the Host Families matching them with the most suitable student. Both the Local Coordinator and the chaperone are available during the whole stay as they are located in your area and will be in contact with the host families and students almost on a daily basis.

What is expected of the Host Family?

Host families are expected to provide a caring and supportive environment for the foreign student along with food and accommodation.

Who is qualified to be a Host Family?

Families who live in the areas where our Homestay Programs are held and who meet the required interview and background check standards. Interviews are conducted by the Host Family Coordinator who operates the program in her area. Families hosting students are required to provide the student with room and board and three meals a day. Only families with children living at home are eligible for the program.

The Host Family /Student Placement Process

Once you and your family have decided to host a student, you may contact us at: and our Host Family Coordinator will schedule a personal interview with you and your family. To ensure the safety of our students, we do ask that all family members over the age of 18 submit a background police check. You will need to fill out the Host Family Agreement and Family Questionnaire as well as provide a letter to your student with a couple of family pictures.

Hope you decide to join us! Gracias!